The Learning Center


The Learning Center is offered through the Clinical Services at the Center for the Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders or through The Children’s Center for Psychiatry, Psychology and Related Services

Learning should be empowering and meaningful for all students. Our new services being offered include the teaching of strategies to maximize learning. Academic coaching and personalized learning strategies can help students learn to use patterns, meaning, body motion, mnemonics, their color spectrum, visuals and mind maps to enhance attention and working memory. When learning becomes meaningful, positive physical changes happen in the brain.

This is accomplished through the following: 

  1. The forming of learning communities (a group of students who share common academic goals and meet to collaborate and share socially the strategies that will help them experience success in their academic requirements) Our learning communities within the clinical services of the Center have the overall purpose to foster more purposeful and meaningful connections among students, between students and tutors and within academic content areas. WE ARE SOCIAL BEINGS AND NEED TO LEARN TO EMBRACE GROUPS AND WORK COLLABORATIVELY.
  2. The offering of individual and personalized tutoring through executive functioning and metacognitive (awareness and understanding of how the student thinks) strategies
  3. Supporting  students as they learn and experience the difference between knowing and understanding
  4. The teaching of cognitive strategies – helping students understand how to use their strongest cognitive domains, the processing of information through their senses and the multiple pathways to the brain

Students with well-developed metacognitive skills know how to study effectively, monitor their own understanding and wisely plan and budget their time . They can become self-sufficient learners ( Grayson, Baird, Dearing and Hamill in The Inclusive Classroom). 

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