Family Therapy


We assist families in understanding their unique dynamics and provide tools to navigate the challenges they face.

Families naturally go through stages and transitions across the lifespan. A shift in one family member will have a ripple effect on the whole family unit. Family dynamics impact each individuals’ response to daily life and major events.

Therapy can help families understand their complex and ever-changing dynamics. As the family becomes an expert in their processes, they will be able to use new skills to navigate each situation with love and respect for one another.

Whether your family has experienced a stressful challenge, or you need help navigating everyday life, we can help you in that process. Our clinicians will listen to your family’s specific needs and goals. We will collaborate with you to find effective solutions for your unique family system.

We use a variety of different treatment modalities including:
  • Experiential Family Therapy
  • Integrative Systemic Therapy
  • Structural Family Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Transgenerational Family Therapy
  • Narrative Family Therapy
  • Internal Family Systems

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“I don’t believe in people – I just believe in families.” – Carl Whitaker

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